Webelos Activity Badges

There are a total of twenty Activity Badges which are divided into five groups of four activities each.

Some of the badges are required for the Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light Award, others are optional. The badges can be worn on the Webelos hat, however we recommend they be worn on the Webelos Colors (shown right). 

The rank of Webelos entitles you to wear the Webelos Colors. These three ribbons are green, red and yellow.

Green indicates knowledge of the Scout oath and Law and signifies the learning of manhood skills.

Red signifies the achievement of three activity badges.

Yellow indicates you have been an active Cub Scout for at least three months in your Webelos Den, and have performed many good turns, helping your Den, Pack and family.

The Webelos leader should consider using parents or other adults as subject matter experts in helping the den with activity badges. This approach is similar to the function of merit badge counselors in Boy Scouts.