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Wolf Pre-2015

In the Second Grade, Cub Scouts work toward the Wolf Badge, then toward a Gold Arrow Point and one or more Silver Arrow Points. The requirements for these badges are found in the Wolf Cub Scout Book (#33450).

The Wolf Trail

Recognition is important to young boys. The Cub Scout advancement plan provides fun for the boys, gives them a sense of personal achievement as they earn badges, and strengthens family understanding as adult family members work with boys on advancement projects.

The Wolf Trail is for boys who have completed the first grade or are 8 years old. Your Wolf Den Leader is assisted by other Den parents and Assistant Den leader(s) known as Akela.

Many of the activities in your Wolf book can be completed at home with your family or during your Den meetings. Once you finish an activity requirement you can have Akela sign your book showing that you have successfully completed the activity. You can have several Akelas that will help you with your activities and sign your book including your parents,  your Den leader, and other adult caretakers.

Wolf Cub Scout Uniform

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